Is your house feeling a bit cramped for all of YOU?

In our hectic lives, we play a lot of different roles, mine include; mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and business owner and coach (I am not going to mention cook, cleaner and taxi driver!!). In normal circumstances, I really enjoy all of these elements and I think I manage to do all of these quite well – no rude comments, please 😉

But in this unusual time – the roles are still there, but under one roof and they all need more attention than normal – HELP!!!

  • No longer do I have the commute to work to sort out my thoughts and transition into ‘work mode’.
  • No longer do the children leave the house to enable some peace and quiet.
  • No longer does my husband take his work out of the house to focus on.
  • No longer can I go out and get my fill of friendship energy.
  • No longer can I visit my family for a change of scenery.

Nope, it’s all here, all of the time and under one roof and it is a real challenge transitioning from one role to another in the blink of an eye. It is also a real test for us to lead others when you yourself are in some state of turmoil.

Coaching is about a strong relationship where you can understand more about who you are, discuss your perspectives, thoughts, feelings, and ideas and learn about your values – and how their compromise at this current time, might be causing you angst.

I offer you a confidential ear that is independent of all of your roles – this is support just for you.

Along with understanding your strengths and values, a useful place to start at times like this, is with David Rocks SCARF-U model about how we as humans cope with change.