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Inclusive Leadership

 The session Chloe facilitated on employee engagement and the link to our corporate values exceeded our expectations. It was one of the most insightful and engaging sessions we’ve had as a team in the 10 years I’ve been with the organization – certainly the highlight of our offsite. After learning that we were approaching our decision making in a traditional and backwards way, Chloe provided us with keen insights that will inform our action planning going forward. Chloe is by far an expert in her area, crafting many of the industry conversions such as her work on hot spots. I would certainly recommend her to any business that is looking for a fresh perspective and innovative approach to address its challenges.”

Laila Gillies, SPHR, Head of Human Resources , Hiscox USA

Chloe designed and ran a workshop for our Birmingham partner group a few months ago. It energised and galvanised a very diverse group and has proven to be an important step on the journey to improving our conversational capability.

The experiential nature of the session really challenged our thinking around how to connect better both internally and externally.  Currently in our Reverse Mentoring programme, to expand our mindsets which Chloe is leading. She is becoming an important partner as we seek new and exciting perspectives to help us develop our culture.”

Regional Managing Partner, Financial Services


I can confidently say that life coaching with Chloe did nothing less than transform my life. When I started the process, I was extremely anxious and angry about my work situation, lacking in energy and confidence, not sure about what to do or how to move forwards.

Through working with Chloe I was able to rebuild my confidence and truly believe in myself again. I approached work with a completely different mindset, and when it became unbearable, I was able to hear Chloe in my head and have the confidence to hand in my resignation. I am now opening a new chapter in my life and doubt I would be so positive about it without working with Chloe. She encouraged me, challenged me and helped me celebrate myself. I can’t thank her enough, she is one in a million!”

Airasa Maughan-Strickler, Teacher, Leeds.

Chloe is an excellent coach. Over the course of our sessions together I didn’t get the answers I initially thought I wanted.  However, through our sessions I was able to identify not only the answers, but the real questions I needed to be asking of myself in order to progress. Chloe has an ability, through exercises and discussion to extract key information which she replayed and reframed to give my work challenges more clarity and make them more manageable.

Her warm and friendly personality is the basis for a very professional approach as a critical friend who guides, extracts and helps shape thinking so as to identify the underlying questions within a problem and supported me to reach answers and conclusions for myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed our extremely helpful coaching session and would highly recommend her work.”

Ned Willis – Commercial Strategy Director, Harlequins Rugby

I have been (and still am!) very inspired about the personal touch Chloe brings to her coaching. Wisdom and beautiful intuition, with the right dose of challenge, truth and courage a coach needs to bring in as well, always holding that space for the sake of her client.Chloe is probably not the loudest one in her style, rather listening, reflecting and loyal to her own beliefs. This makes her actually even more powerful, respected and truly inspiring as a coach. I’d recommend anyone to take a coaching journey with Chloe! She won’t give up on you; on the contrary it’s up to you to be ready for it! “

Melanie Gotez – HR Director, Sweden

Chloe has challenged me to find insights about myself which wouldn’t normally cross my mind and don’t come up in day to day conversation. An interesting and enjoyable way of getting to know yourself better. I now feel more comfortable in my own skin and I have more strength of conviction in the decisions that I make and that I’m making decisions that are right for me”

Rosie Huggon – Senior Manager London


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