Coaching is one of those words that can conjure up very different images in people’s minds, from sports coach, to life coach, to executive coach, to leadership coach, the list goes on. But what does ‘coaching’ actually mean?

My style of coaching is about building a strong and trusted relationship, supporting clients through their journey towards a deeper personal understanding and guiding them to achieve their own goals.

Ultimately, coaching is about working with a trained individual to safely explore your potential and identify blockers to maximise your performance; importantly, it is about discovering the answers yourself, rather than being given them.

What coaches are

Thought provoking

Expert listeners

Creative, intuitive and curious

Trained in behaviours and competencies

Bound by a code of ethics. I adhere to both the ICF & EMCC Code of ethics

What coaches aren’t

Therapists: looking at your past to fix what is broken

Consultants: providing you with solutions and answers

Mentors: giving advice and guiding you

Friends: to have a nice chat


The problem

We all occasionally need to make changes in our lives, but comfort is the enemy of progress! Everybody needs an impartial ‘thinking partner’ and dedicated space to work through where they are, who they are and to understand what they really want from their life.

The solution

Coaching provides a safe space to challenge conventional thinking, creatively explore a wide range of new perspectives, champion your inner strengths, hold you accountable for the changes you want in life, hold confidentiality at all times, and promise to have fun in the process.

The impact

Whilst you focus on your challenge (the new job, the promotion, feeling unhappy at work, anxiety, …), I focus on you.

I am your thinking partner, your challenger and your greatest supporter. Together we will explore your values, purpose, long term and short-term goals and most importantly remove any blockers that are preventing you from living your life to its fullest potential.

Example coaching journey:


Values exploration

The fundamental beliefs of a person or organisation, a unique set of characteristics that help guide us and help to identify what is important to us in our lives.

These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong and good and bad. Having an awareness of our unique profile sits at the bedrock of understanding who we are



Discovering your motivation

There is a great quote from Alice in Wonderland:

Alice: “Which way should I go?” Cat: “That depends on where you are trying to get to?” Alice: “I don’t know”. Cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

As part of this journey, discover where it is you want to go and find the purpose behind the direction – this gives you the clarity and motivation to make the best choices for you.

Inner Critic

What’s your inner narrative?

This is a process over a period of time, including discovery, exploration, and curiosity. Gaining clarity on who you are and what you want is only part of the jigsaw to becoming the best version of yourself.

It is the power of the voice of your inner critic and biases that will limit your progression. Tools and strategies will be uncovered to support you moving past these obsticles

Personal Brand

Who are you?

If you were a book, what would your cover depict about who you are? What are the strengths and superpowers of the lead character? Who are the other characters and what role do they play in your story? It is essential in knowing your journey, to also know the support you need from around you.

Establishing your personal brand helps you to identify your ask.


The confident you

Using all of the tools and techniques throughout the journey will build your confidence and resilience. This process is about understanding, exploring, trying new things, stretching current comfort zones and growth mindsets, in a safe environment, and embedding new patterns of behavior that fit your purpose.

The further you step in the more you get out.

Why work with me

I am a qualified leadership coach with the Co-active Training Institute and have coached leaders across the world. I also draw from my 20 years corporate experience of working with the leaders of FTSE 100 organisations, in industries such as retail, finance, insurance, NHS, Teachers. I am part of the Co-Active coaching network and if I am not the right coach for you I will be able to connect you to someone who is.

I can confidently say that life coaching with Chloe did nothing less than transform my life. When I started the process, I was extremely anxious and angry about my work situation, lacking in energy and confidence, not sure about what to do or how to move forwards. Through working with Chloe I was able to rebuild my confidence and truly believe in myself again.

I approached work with a completely different mindset, and when it became unbearable, I was able to hear Chloe in my head and have the confidence to hand in my resignation. I am now opening a new chapter in my life and doubt I would be so positive about it without working with Chloe. She encouraged me, challenged me and helped me celebrate myself. I can’t thank her enough, she is one in a million!”

Airasa Maughan-Strickler, Teacher, Leeds.

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