Leadership programs

I design and facilitate bespoke programs, based on the principles of reverse mentoring coaching, and values-led leadership. Helping your leaders see people through a different lens.

Organisational challenges

The problem

As human beings, we are brilliant at surrounding ourselves with people ‘like’ ourselves, with similar backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. This results in the creation of ‘comfortable environments’, particularly during times of significant transformation and uncertainty. However, these comfortable, safe places limit our ability to think differently, be innovative or indeed see the real challenges that lie ahead.

If leaders do not allow themselves to be open and listen to the suggestions and ideas from people who are different, they put not only their own growth, but the growth of the whole organisation at risk.

The solution

Taking a small selection of employees from across your organisation, including differing levels of experience and different backgrounds, I create a programme where time is given to building new connections, exploring different perspectives, and learning how to generate new ideas to solve existing business challenges.

By working within a structured framework and utilising concrete toolkits, my sessions become a safe place to explore a ‘new’ connected way of thinking and maximising the resources you already have.

The impact

Championing the hidden strengths that leaders have not yet identified for competitive advantage, my programs will:

  • Break down silos, significantly increasing the speed and effectiveness of decisions
  • Promote cross-functional learning, expanding and opening-up new perspectives to old problems
  • Improves engagement and inclusivity, helping respect and value difference in your people

Ultimately, my 12-month programs create new relationships across the organisation, giving leaders new perspectives, time to think, and time to see business challenges in a collaborative and inclusive way.

The resulting engagement following these programs it’s like dropping a pebble in a pond: the ripple affect reaches far and wide across the organisation – breaking down silos, improving engagement and ensuring that leaders are connected to pockets of the organisation they don’t normally engage with.

Example of Leadership Programs Journey:


Understanding your business

It is critical to get an independent understanding of your business, its challenges, war stories, values, and beliefs. Speaking with employees, visiting your offices, reviewing employee engagement data, and listening to the heartbeat of the organisation, enables themes to be collated, to identify the correct purpose of the program. 


Building new connections

Working in collaboration with the business to identify the cohort of leaders and energisers, with the right mindset for growth, challenge, and change. Diagnostics are used so that improvement can be measured and people are selected depending on their fit with the purpose.


Gaining new perspectives

Bringing people together over a period of time to build trusted new relationships, based on opportunity and curiosity to explore new perspectives, biases and blockers. Kicking off the relationship with a day of connection and commitment to the program ahead.

This stage creates a path for change and growth.


Making changes

The actionable stage of this program ensures change actually occurs. It is the culmination of the ideas generated by the cohort in response to the original business purpose. The session is a more supported Dragons Den style pitch of the ideas that are to be taken forward as projects within the organisation with senior sponsorship.


Sustained learning

Unlike other training programs, this learning relationship continues to build over a 9-12 month period. Based on a solid foundation of TRUST the creation of these unique relationships stimulates participants to think differently, bring new perspectives & ideas, break down silos, and the barriers of your traditional business hierarchies.

Why work with me

As a professional consultant, I am committed to creating a safe engaging space, where everybody has the opportunity to talk and to be listened to, where leaders can tap into untapped potential to find concrete solutions.

The session Chloe facilitated on employee engagement and the link to our corporate values exceeded our expectations. It was one of the most insightful and engaging sessions we’ve had as a team in the 10 years I’ve been with the organization – certainly the highlight of our offsite. After learning that we were approaching our decision making in a traditional and backwards way, Chloe provided us with keen insights that will inform our action planning going forward.

Chloe is by far an expert in her area, crafting many of the industry conversions such as her work on hot spots. I would certainly recommend her to any business that is looking for a fresh perspective and innovative approach to address its challenges.”

Laila Gillies, SPHR, Head of Human Resources , Hiscox USA

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