Building trusted relationships

Making a conscious effort to identify and understand your values is essential in making the right decisions and determining your priorities for how to live your best life.

That’s why I want to share my own values and what living my values means to me. Values, simply put, are what matters to us, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and guide our decisions.

I am a great believer in identifying and understanding our own values as they are an incredible tool that allow us to explore our feelings and subsequent behaviour in a very different yet simple way: when our values are being lived, we are contented; when they are challenged, we are unsettled.

Critically, values are essential in understanding and driving the fulfilment of the way we live and work.

As a person and as a professional, these are the 5 main values that drive me:

Individualisation: Seeing the unique qualities of people as powerful.

Courage: Strength to challenge, to try something new and to persevere.

Connectivity: Passionate about bringing people together.

Creativity: Breaking the mould to think differently.

Growth: Curiously expanding frames of reference to explore the new.

In my daily life and at work, my purpose is to:

  • Awaken minds to explore, understand, and value the power of difference.
  • Live in a more connected and engaged way.
  • Inspire today’s leaders for the common goal of growth and success (business and individual) by building relationships that connect people.

I firmly believe that by creating different connections and igniting new ideas across the organisation, leaders can build a better future.